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Dicing with Death a spin off show from the Rollplay Franchise. This show was started by the Dungeon Master of the original show in the franchise, Rollplay Legacy. This show focuses on one player character at a time allowing much more detailed backstory and interaction with that character without the restraint of other players. Each cast member plays as both the DM and the player characters and every time a character dies or is retired they switch.

An index of the series by player character can be found on Neal Erickon's website, as well as MP3 versions of each episode.

Cast MembersEdit

Dungeon MasterEdit


Player CharactersEdit

Neal's CharactersEdit

  • Solomon the Cruel
  • Desmond
  • Qualneer
  • Mal
  • Clarissa
  • Frank
  • Kristoff
  • Genie
  • Roy
  • Leon

Ryan's CharactersEdit