RollPlay Solum - Week 13 - Part 3 - Tabletop D&D Campaign-030:23

RollPlay Solum - Week 13 - Part 3 - Tabletop D&D Campaign-0


Falice as portrayed by Steve Noble

This spear shall be the avenging weapon of our fallen alice


This irovy spear is a pure white magical item found and given to Victarian by The Templars, after completing The Trial. The Templars never revealed where it came from. The spear was named so, after his "fallen alice" his comrade in arm. 

Victarian spent no time in shoving this into a bandits' throat just shortly after obtaining the item. Saying "you interrupted me"


The irovy spear or "Falice" is a +2 weapon, meaning it strikes with +2 bonus to accuracy and damage.

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