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Professional Starcraft II Player, Host, Commentator and More for Team Evil Geniuses

Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson is a professional StarCraft II and former Brood War player from the United States. He was raised in Seattle, Washington and is the eldest of three siblings. He was educated privately in an all boys high school. iNcontroL attended college and graduated with an English degree. He married Anna "uNcontroLable" Prosser, Miss Oregon USA 2011, on the 2nd of December, 2012.

Rollplay BiographyEdit

Geoff has been in control of four characters (the fewest of the cast) throughout the series, including Original Rollplay, Rollplay Solum, and Rollplay Solum: Age of MIght. He played Vincent Longborn in the original and Victarian Black and, later, Voytek Redhorn in Rollplay Solum. Vincent was a noble son of the 'Longborn Kingdom', a prince and the rightful heir to the land. He was alive for the entirety of the original series, only dying during Week 39, when he was killed and strung up as a result of a conflict with the Guard Captain Valazus. Now Geoff is playing Kharne the Destroyer in Rollplay Solum: Age of Might.

Original RollplayEdit

In the original Rollplay, Geoff played Vincent Longborn - as infamous as he is ruthless and pragmatic. He ventured long and hard until his death just before the campaign came to an end.


Victarian is a weaponsmith of Foghaven - a character of much lesser birth than his predecessor. He is one of the original members of the Solum party and became quite the skilled warrior. After his death, in a reddit comment Geoff revealed that Victarian Black was once a prince of the Longborn kingdom. He abandoned his land and took the name "Black" after the city where his famous relative Vincent died. Embedding himself in the Voraci lands his life goal was to do as much harm to Voraci as possible. That was until he stumbled across the child, whom he decided to take back to his ancient homelands, knowing that the child would be the end of the Voraci.

Voytek is a commander of the Longborn army (going back to his roots). He is the nephew of General Longborn, the current head of his house. He is quite a skilled warrior, just like his predecessors.

Solum: Age of MightEdit

In the newest season, Geoff plays Kharne the Destroyer; a strong and ruthless half-Orc Barbarian mercenary. His favorite hobbies are collecting warrants and digging latrines.


  • Geoff has a glorious habit of referencing films and series when pulling off a critical or a massive hit.
  • Known for his enthusiastic activity on the itmejp Reddit
  • Streams Starcraft II on his channel frequently.
  • Is the only cast member to consistently use surnames for his characters.

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