Haven is the second town the party came across and spent a small time in while working for Marrrr.


Population ?
Racial Make Up

?% Human; ?% Elf; ?% Dwarf; ?% Other

Defenses ? Dedicated Guards.
Magic Level Low?
Smith Levels Weapon/Armor: ? ; Silver/Gold: ?;

Summary of EventsEdit

The party arrived here while working for Marrrr. They spent five days in town protecting Marrrr and just going about their business. They tried to have the Blood-Drinker Longsword identified here but the Red Robes Wizard in town was unwilling to give them a task to lower the cost.

Important PeopleEdit

Important PlacesEdit

Other PeopleEdit

Other PlacesEdit

  • Lord's Keep
  • Red Robed Wizard's Shop
  • Inn

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