These items are known to boost the AC of character's beyond the normal means. Some of these natural, other's magical, but all are rare and hard to obtain.


  • Amulet of Protection - provides +2 protection to the wielder, looted of Lady Felicity's corpse in Week 26
  • Duskshroud - a +1 cloak of protection, looted off the Voraci Orc champion know as the "Reaper"
  • Leather Armour of Protection - provides a +1 bonus to AC. Currently in the possession of Helen
  • Cloak of the Bat - provides a +2 bonus to AC
  • Cloak of Defense - provides a +1 bonus to AC


  • Bulette shield - a +1 shield made from the scales of the bulette they killed in week 4, giving an overall bonus of 4.

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