"Reaper" as portrayed by Steve Noble

RollPlay Solum - Week 20 - Part 3 - Tabletop D&D Campaign26:33

RollPlay Solum - Week 20 - Part 3 - Tabletop D&D Campaign

Possible spoilers, definite salt.

This magical greatsword was once carried the Orc champion only known as The Reaper, sent by Lady Felicity to dispatch the party. When Zanzil had paralyzed the dreadful Voraci Orc champion. Victarian simply dismounted, kicked off his helmet and shoved Falice through the Orc's head, killing him instantly. Originally looted by Victarian whom named the blade, it was given to Tariq shortly after.


The 2-handed greatsword or "Reaper" is at least a +2 weapon,+ 2 bonus to accuracy and damage. It also strikes faster, giving the wielder a extra attack each round.

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